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Key Benefits of Gevalia Coffee Offer:

Top Grade Gourmet Coffee roasted from premium Arabica beans
Choose from over 40 exceptional varieties
Express home delivery with choices of whole bean, ground, caffeinated or decaffeinated
Free Coffee Lovers Kit, which includes a Coffee Maker, Thermal Carafe and Travel Mug (valued at $168)

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"Discover Why Gourmet Coffee Lovers Favor Gevalia Coffee Beans"

Dear Coffee Lover

Are you aware that most coffee beans sold today are in fact stale? Hard to believe but because of delays in getting coffee from the suppliers to the store, 90% of coffee in America is sold when past their best.

Coffee beans degrade fast. It doesn't matter what they start out like, quality falls more rapidly than perhaps you realize. Storing your beans in the fridge (or even freezer) can slow the decline but then its already too late, because the beans can often be stale at the point of purchase. The best solution is to receive coffee that has not already aged before you get it.

When I first tasted coffee from Gevalia, I knew it was something special. If like me you have tried many varieties of coffee from both specialist shops and the ubiquitous Starbucks, you are likely to realize that coffee varies greatly in both quality and taste - even from the same outlet!.

There are many factors that go into producing the finished article, including: bean quality, freshness and the skill of the barrista. While I appreciated that my own coffee making ability was not going to change overnight, the taste of my coffee did! I just did not appreciate what a difference ultra-fresh beans made. I was delighted!

Discover the Gevalia Kaffe Coffee Bean Advantage:

  • To ensure the freshest possible bean and therefore the highest possible quality, your coffee is roasted after your ordered has been placed. Stale coffee can become a thing of the past!
  • Gevalia uses the finest Arabica beans, which are superior to Robusta beans. The latter are considered inferior since they are more bitter, whereas Arabica beans have a wonderful rich and aromatic taste.
  • Your gourmet coffee is sent in a vacuum-sealed package for freshness, straight to your door. You can't get more convenient than that.
  • You have a choice of over 40 exceptional coffee blends to suit all tastes.
  • Select either whole bean, ground, caffeinated or decaffeinated. Customize your order so it's exactly what you want.

Once you have tasted Gevalia coffee, you will realize that not all coffee is created equal. This gourmet experience offers discerning coffee lovers the ultimate in taste. Not only that, to encourage you into tasting some of the finest coffee beans available, Gevalia are - for a limited period - offering an incentive when you choose two boxes of their premium coffee.

Your Free Coffee Lovers Kit Includes:

  • A 12 cup programmable stainless steel coffee maker
  • A stainless steel thermal carafe
  • A Gevalia travel mug

Whether to use as a present or for your own person use, this generous incentive sweetens what is already a great price for the freshest gourmet coffee. They can offer such a deal because they are confident that once you have tasted their quality product, you are very likely to order again. Why wouldn't you? Their coffee is superb!

Compare Gevalia.com coffee with a typical grocery store coffee...

Feature Typical Grocery Store Gevalia.com
Freshness Often 1 month old or more A few days
Bean Choice Vary from Robusta to Arabica Always top grade Arabica
Choice Limited choice Over 40 premium varieties
Caffeinated? Caffeinated and Decaffeinated Caffeinated and Decaffeinated
Bean Type Whole Bean and Ground Whole Bean and Ground
Exclusive Offers Rarely 10% discount on any Gevalia catalog purchase
Delivery You go to the store Express home delivery
Coffee weight Varies Two 1/2 lb packages
Price Varies $22.95 plus postage
FREE Gifts
Coffee Maker No Yes - 12 cup programmable in stainless steel
Thermal Carafe No Yes - stainless steel
Travel Mug No Yes
Free Samples No Complimentary samples sent periodically


Coffee From Gevalia.com Is So Fresh, You Can Experiment!

You probably already have a favorite coffee - could it be cappuccino, latte or espresso. But when you have beans this fresh and tasty, it opens up a whole new world of discovery. Inferior Robusta beans or typically stale coffee means your coffee can taste weak or bitter. Enjoy the freshness of the Gevalia coffee club beans and then try some of these:

  • Espresso - rich, strong and full bodied dark coffee. Fresh beans will ensure you have a silky layer of crema.
  • Cappuccino - espresso with foamed milk. Typically one third coffee, two thirds milk. Chocolate dusting optional. Always have one a day of these!
  • Latte - espresso with hot milk and a small layer of foamed milk to finish it off. Often served in a glass.
  • Mocha - espresso with hot chocolate and hot milk.
  • Macchiato - espresso with a dash of milk or foamed milk
  • Espresso con Panna - espresso topped with whipped cream. This is a favorite of mine, but I like to add a dash of foamed milk too, to reduce the espresso strength. Yum!
  • Ristretto - a half shot of espresso. Since it is made with the first part of a shot, it tends to be much sweeter and syrupy than an espresso.
  • Doppio - double espresso but taking up the same size as a typical single espresso shot 30ml or 1 oz.) A real caffeine blast!

A Simple Coffee Recipe You Might Like To Try

White Chocolate Coffee - 3 oz chopped white chocolate, 2 cups half n half, 2 cups hot coffee, whipped cream. Heat the milk in a saucepan and add the chocolate, mixing until melted. Add the coffee, stir and serve with whipped cream. A very nice and indulgent recipe for you to try!

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage now of the Gevalia Coffee special offer and enjoy some of the finest coffee you will ever taste. You won't regret it!